About YAM

We Integrate AI

We develop AI integration frameworks through standardizing data exchange between ML processes. Using mainstream container technologies (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes, and Kubeflow) to containize ML, we create a common messaging layer for ML containers to interoperate. Our technology enables complex AI applications to be composed of different ML components.

We chose YAM to stand for "Yet Another Machine" (meaning "Artificial Intelligence"). We made YAM a recursive backronym - "YAM AI Machinery" when we started the company.

If you are interested to know more about what we are doing, please contact us at info@yam.ai.

Our Approach

In most cases, AI is application-driven and data-driven not technology-driven. While we conduct R&D on AI integration platforms, we also provide professional services to enterprises to meet specific business needs. Our dedication to research, development, and services at the same time help us create innovate AI technologies that can solve real-world problems.

Through providing consultancy services to enterprises on building specific solutions, we identify unmet business needs. Through researching these needs, we formulate practical solution architectures. Through developing innovative products based on these architectures, we deliver generic AI platforms with the necessary support services.

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